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    StreamNation Wants to be a Legit Version of MegaUpload

    Ah, the weird and wonderful world of file sharing. A number of service are either built around it or have it as a feature – Dropbox, Mega, and the list goes on. The dodgy parts – sharing music or movies with friends (or total strangers) – is usually just not talked about. Services generally get […]

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    Doxie Go + Wi-Fi Does Wireless Scanning with Eye-Fi Card

    At Macworld, Doxie has just unveiled the new Doxie Go + Wi-FI. This is essentially the same old Doxie Go, but now it can send your documents to your devices wirelessly. With more and more devices coming with built-in Wi-Fi, Doxie Go+ Wi-Fi seems like a natural evolution, but this is one product that really […]

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    Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Net and GoFlex Review

    FreeAgent GoFlex – The World’s Most Upgradable Portable Hard drive Seagate’s FreeAgent line has just released a unique new ultra-portable hard drive; it’s upgradable. Out of the box, GoFlex is a USB 2.0 hard drive, but pop off the detachable USB interface and snap on a different interface and you can turn it into a […]