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    It’s About to Get Easier to Work With Images in Dropbox Paper

    Dropbox has finally started to build out their answer to Google Drive in Dropbox Paper, a collaborative platform that brings in documents, editing, and team chat. They’ve got some catching up to do, especially with team software like Slack getting big, but Dropbox is about to take an important leap forward this week with a […]

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    Why We Can’t Live Without Dropbox

    Dropbox — they’ve been doing cloud storage since before it was cool. While competition has become fiercer over the years, Dropbox still remains the go-to cloud storage service for people and businesses worldwide — businesses like ours! We’re a small team, and there’s a lot of ground to cover in the world of tech. We’re […]

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    StreamNation Wants to be a Legit Version of MegaUpload

    Ah, the weird and wonderful world of file sharing. A number of service are either built around it or have it as a feature – Dropbox, Mega, and the list goes on. The dodgy parts – sharing music or movies with friends (or total strangers) – is usually just not talked about. Services generally get […]

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    Doxie Go + Wi-Fi Does Wireless Scanning with Eye-Fi Card

    At Macworld, Doxie has just unveiled the new Doxie Go + Wi-FI. This is essentially the same old Doxie Go, but now it can send your documents to your devices wirelessly. With more and more devices coming with built-in Wi-Fi, Doxie Go+ Wi-Fi seems like a natural evolution, but this is one product that really […]

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    Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Net and GoFlex Review

    FreeAgent GoFlex – The World’s Most Upgradable Portable Hard drive Seagate’s FreeAgent line has just released a unique new ultra-portable hard drive; it’s upgradable. Out of the box, GoFlex is a USB 2.0 hard drive, but pop off the detachable USB interface and snap on a different interface and you can turn it into a […]