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    Vuzix Shows Off a Real-Life HUD in Sunglasses Form

    You read that right – fantasies stoked by science fiction entries from Dragonball Z to Halo are coming a little closer to fruition. At CES 2012 this week, Vuzix showed off its new SMART glasses technology, made possible in part thanks to a partnership with Nokia. The lenses of the sunglasses will be capable of […]

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    Vuzix Wrap 1200 Brings Style to the World of 3D

    One complaint always surfaces when the topic of 3D glasses comes up – how hard it is to wear them and not look ridiculous. Vuzix’ entry at the IFA 2011 trade show in Berlin goes a long way towards finally beating that complaint back, and making 3D glasses stylish and – dare I say it? […]

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    Tron Comes to Life with Vuzix CamAR and PhasAR

    If Vuzix alone didn’t make you think we are in the dawn of Bladerunner than certainly these new attachments to it will only make it more certain. The CamAR™, is a new clip-on USB camera that mounts to the Vuzix which allows you to see the real world but also track objects and your position […]