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Fun And Funky Pool Floats You Can Buy On Amazon For Under $21

It’s almost the 4th of July and things are really starting to heat up outside!

If you’re planning on parking yourself by the pool all summer, make sure you pick up some of these fun and funky pool floats you can order on Amazon.

The best part is, they are all less than $21, and a lot of them are on sale right now!

A Slice Of Pizza

Bet you’ve never seen a pizza slice in a pool before!

The good news is, this one is obviously waterproof. Each slice comes with little links so you can stick them together and make a whole pizza pool pie.

You can buy it here for $16.99

Whimsical Drink Holders

So these whimsical pool floats won’t hold you, but they will hold all your drinks.

12 different ones come in a pack and include a black swan, rainbow, pineapple, flamingo, crab, and palm tree.

You can buy a 12 pack of these here on sale for $13.98

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