This Influencer Was Arrested After Being Accused Of Wire Fraud And Stealing Someone’s Identity

“As alleged in court documents, Miller maintains an active social media presence via her Instagram account, which has more than 34,000 followers,” the US Attorney’s office for the District of Massachusetts continued.

“Posts to this account include a post showing Miller at various luxury hotels in California where transactions were made using the bank account in the victim’s name.”

“For example, the luxury hotel Petit Ermitage allegedly posted a $5,500 charge to this bank account in September 2020, a few days after Miller’s Instagram account posted a photo of Miller that was geotagged to the Petit Ermitage.”

Instagram; pictured above is another photo of Danielle Miller

Instagram; pictured above Danielle stands in front of a luxury car

If Danielle is convicted of the charges against her, she’s looking at spending 20 years behind bars.

She could also be fined $250,000 and be subjected to three years of supervised release.

Instagram; pictured above is a screenshot of Danielle’s account

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