After She Was Born She Spent 694 Days In The Hospital And Now She’s Finally Home With Her Family

Detroit, Michigan. Valentina Garnetti was born on May 1st of 2019.

Her family lives just outside of Detroit, in Riverview, but she didn’t get to go home right away to be with her family after she was born.

Instead, Valentina spent a shocking 694 days in the hospital, and she was only recently able to go home to be with her loved ones.

Valentina is almost 2-years-old, and in her short life, she has already had 6 different surgeries with 4 of those being open-heart surgeries.

She also has sadly suffered complications like anaphylactic reactions, seizures, and even strokes.

Facebook; pictured above is Valentina

Valentina was born with hypoplastic left heart syndrome, which is an extraordinarily rare and complicated heart condition that resulted in her not having a fully developed left part of her heart.

“The world kept spinning and life went on all while Valentina was stuck inside her little four walls of her hospital room,” Valentina’s mom Francesca explained in a Facebook post welcoming her home.

“Valentina has been through so much in her life: 6 surgeries – 4 of them open heart, 14 days on ECMO (life support), 8 heart caths, 28 chest tubes, 2 strokes, seizures, survival flight to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia for 9 days for a thoracic duct embolization, 300+ Xrays, and thousands of other tests and procedures.”

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