Her Date’s Dogs Destroyed Her Designer Bag And Wallet So Now She’s Asking The Internet If It’s Wrong To Ask Him To Make Good On Promising To Replace Them

A woman went over to her date’s place thinking they were going to have a nice time, but instead, his dogs destroyed her sentimental designer items.

Now, she’s asking the internet if it’s wrong of her to ask him to make good on his promise to replace the items his dogs ruined.

“I went over to the place of the person I am dating with a designer bag and wallet,” she started out by saying.

“I was apprehensive about even going over there because his dogs are unruly and shed a lot but they had never destroyed anything before.”

She and her date left that room where her things were and went into another room, and they were gone for around 20 minutes.

When they came back, his dogs had completely destroyed her waller; ripping it to literal shreds.

Her designer bag was also damaged by his dogs, though she described what they did as more on the minor side.

She understandably was upset about this, but not for the reason you might think. Her designer items were expensive, sure, but they were given to her as gifts.

Her dad bought the wallet and bag for her right before he passed away, so these items are irreplaceable, sentimental, and priceless to her.

Initially, she was not going to ask her date to have her belongings replaced, but he brought it up to her that he would like to pay to get her a new wallet and bag.

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