Beautiful Instagram Model From Ohio Found Mysteriously Shot And Killed In Virginia At The Scene Of A Car Crash

Columbus, Ohio. Emeri Alexandra Connery was a 26-year-old fitness model from Columbus. Sure, she was gorgeous, but she had smarts too.

She held a master’s degree in health administration, and she was very enthusiastic about fitness and health, even from a young age.

While she was in high school, she ran track, played basketball, and did cross country.

She also started weight training, and that’s something she quickly took to.

Instagram; Emeri is pictured above wearing an “Always Hungry” t-shirt

Her obituary reads, “Emeri’s love, happiness and passion for life was easy to see from day one.”

“These qualities carried over to every aspect of her life and resonated with anyone who knew her or of her.”

“Emeri not only had the looks but the personality, work ethic, and guts to make it to the next level.
She treated everyone the same, as she would want to be treated.”

“She was beautiful inside and out and earned everything she had throughout her life.”

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