After She Was Born She Spent 694 Days In The Hospital And Now She’s Finally Home With Her Family

Facebook; pictured above Valentina celebrates coming home from the hospital after 694 days

“Some days I thought this day would never come. We’ve asked for so many prayers and gotten prayers from people all over the world.”

“You can’t tell me that miracles don’t happen, because Valentina is one,” she continued. “There were times when doctors and surgeons couldn’t explain why she got better when she was so sick.”

“I stopped questioning what Valentina did or why she did it, and just accepted that she ran the show. Everyone who knows her knows she doesn’t do anything by the book.”

“Valentina is the longest cardiac-related hospitalization in the history of Mott Children’s Hospital. She’s had complication after complication after complication but it all led us to this. I wouldn’t change a single thing about this journey.”

Now that Valentina is home with her mom and her sisters, her mom Francesca is raising money to help cover the extensive medical costs Valentina still faces.

On a GoFundMe page Francesca created, she says Valentina is currently on 30 medications that she has to take between 2 and 4 times every single day.

Facebook; above, Valentina wears an Easter dress after coming home

Unfortunately, their insurance doesn’t cover everything that Valentina needs, and Francesca is a single mom doing this all alone.

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