An Accident With A Lawnmower Left This 5-Year-Old Girl Without Her Foot And Parts Of Her Hand

Hershey, Pennsylvania. 5-year-old Charlotte Buffington lives in a small town called Gratz along with her family, but now she’s at the Hershey Children’s Hospital recovering from a terrible accident.

“Charlotte is a typical 5-year-old,” a GoFundMe page for her reads.

“She is spunky, active, imaginative, silly, and loving. She is a twin to Nathan, a daughter, a granddaughter, a niece, and a friend.”

On June 17th, Charlotte was involved in an accident with a lawnmower, leaving her without her foot and parts of her hand.

Facebook; pictured above is adorable 5-year-old Charlotte

She needed 3 separate surgeries to help tend to the injuries she sustained, but she has a long road to recovery still ahead of her.

Charlotte will need another surgery soon to help fix the damage done to one of her knees. After that, her family is hopeful that a plastic surgeon can get to work repairing the wounds on her thigh.

She will also need a prosthesis and a lot of therapy to help her through what happened to her.

“Hi Everyone! I created this page so that I can update you all on Charlotte’s recovery and to also give you the chance to follow along on her journey to stand on her own two feet again,” Charlotte’s family wrote on a Facebook page called “Standing On Her Own Two Feet.”

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