Her Abusive Husband Broke Her Collarbone And The Day After She Got Out Of The Hospital He Killed Her In Cold Blood

Placerville, California. Heather Orr Gumina lost her life on July 16th, 2019, after authorities said her abusive husband killed her in cold blood.

Heather’s loved ones described her as a devoted mom, a great friend, and just an awesome person.

Heather was married to her husband Anthony Gumina, and there sadly was a history of abuse in Heather’s relationship with him.

Anthony hurt her on several occasions before he ultimately took her life. On January 21st of 2019, Anthony tackled her onto the ground.

She was able to put herself and her 4-year-old son inside of a locked bathroom for safety, but Anthony kicked the door down and got to her.

Heather called 911, and Anthony was arrested. Although he was charged with felony domestic violence, he was “released from custody over the People’s objection.”

The next month, Heather and Anthony got married. Heather shared photos of their ceremony, and a photo of their wedding rings.

5 months after they tied the knot, Anthony seriously injured Heather while his case for domestic violence against her was pending.

Facebook; pictured above is Heather

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