This Ad For A Nanny Is Going Viral Due To The Insane Demands And $13 An Hour Pay

Reddit; pictured above is a second screenshot of the ad

Next, let’s get into the responsibilities. They need to drive the kids to all their appointments/games and to school every day.

They have to help them with all their schoolwork, make and feed them every meal, keep up with the household chores, do the laundry, do all the shopping, and run personal errands.

Reddit; pictured above are the responsibilities for this job

As for the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed, they include being proficient in cooking and cleaning, adhering to safety and health standards, and having time management and communication skills.

The nanny also needs the “ability to be aware of others’ reactions, needs, and individual differences.”

Reddit; pictured above are more things the nanny needs to have

The nanny can’t be younger than 25 or older than 30.

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