She Bought Some Diamond Rings For Herself Which Upset Her Boyfriend And Now She’s Asking The Internet If Wearing Them Is Wrong

A woman bought herself some diamond rings to wear because she really wanted to, but now her boyfriend is upset with her for doing this.

She’s asking the internet if what she’s doing is wrong because her boyfriend is certainly making her feel like that.

She started out by explaining that she is not even close to getting engaged or married to her boyfriend, and they have been together for a little less than 2 years.

She absolutely loves jewelry, especially anything that sparkles and is eye-catching. She never cares if what she wears in regards to jewelry is fake or real; if she likes it, she likes it.

Over the past several years, she has really wanted to buy herself a few diamond bands that are stackable.

“For years I’ve wanted to get some stackable diamond bands that are a little on the nicer side (although still fake) so that I can pair them with some of my outfits,” she explained.

While she was on social media, she ended up finding a seller close to her that had some beautiful rings for sale, so she purchased a few.

“Most of them are just plain diamond bands but a few look like real engagement rings,” she continued.

“They were beautiful and I really liked how they looked so I bought them for myself.”

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