You Need To Add These Psychological Thrillers To Your Reading List, Because They Are Just As Good As Gone Girl And Girl On The Train

Psychological thrillers are some of my favorite reads, and I have a few for you that I think are every bit as good as Gone Girl and Girl On The Train.

I think those are the books by which to judge everything else in the genre, and I definitely try to hunt up titles that are as exciting.

My family and I also made a little book club where we read a lot of these at the same time so we have more things to talk about over FaceTime. Read on for my absolute must-reads!

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The Woman In The Window

I read this in three hours this past Sunday it was so good! I will say, it is a bit of a slow burn leading up to everything, but it’s worth it.

The Woman In The Window is about a woman named Anna Fox, who experienced such a tragic event that she hasn’t left her home in New York City in 11 months.

She spends pretty much all of her time spying on what her neighbors are up to, and one night she thinks she witnesses a murder.

This book comes complete with a ton of twists and turns and has you second-guessing if Anna is going crazy or if what she saw was real. Fun fact: this is currently being made into a movie starring Julianne Moore, Amy Adams, and Gary Oldman.

You can get it here on sale right now for $7.98

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