She Was Kidnapped Right Out Of Her Boyfriend’s Car Then Murdered 3 Days Later But It Took 46 Years To Catch Her Killer And He Finally Admitted What He Did

When Rodney came-to on the blacktop of the parking lot, he had blood gushing out of a wound to his head.

Even though he was injured, he rushed over to Carla’s house to tell her family about what had happened.

The police were called, and when they arrived at the bowling alley’s parking lot, they discovered Carla’s purse lying on the ground, along with a magazine for a Ruger .22.

Carla, however, was nowhere to be found, but the police worked to make a list of suspects. A man by the name of Glen Samuel McCurley was of particular interest to authorities, since he lived approximately a mile away from the bowling alley, and he owned a Ruger .22.

When police questioned Glen about Carla’s kidnapping, he told them that someone had stolen his gun from him while he had been out fishing, but he didn’t report it as such because he did time 13 years earlier for stealing a car.

3 days after Carla vanished, her body was found discarded close to Benbrook Lake. Her kidnapping case had escalated into a murder case.

She was lying in a culvert. She had been sexually assaulted and given morphine. She had been strangled and tortured.

After an autopsy was performed on her, it was clear that someone had kept Carla alive in the days between her kidnapping and murder.

It took 46 years to catch her killer, and here’s how the police did it.

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Digital Visual Library; pictured above is Benbrook Lake

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