Her Mother-In-Law Is Most Likely Not Going To The Wedding After She Said She Had To Wear A Dress That Matched The Wedding Theme

A woman who is going to be getting married soon selected an earthy kind of theme for her wedding and the color scheme she has is very muted.

It’s trendy in her area to make sure the family of the bride and groom match their outfits to the wedding colors so everyone looks a certain way in the wedding photos.

She really wants everyone to match the colors she picked out, and she wants her special day a certain way, especially since her parents are dropping a lot of money on the wedding.

After she revealed to her mother-in-law the colors she chose, her mother-in-law clearly was not happy about it.

Then, she explained that she wanted her mother-in-law and everyone else in her groom-to-be’s family to wear outfits that match the colors, and her mother-in-law lost it.

“She accused me of not caring about her self-esteem and said my colors were ugly,” she said. “MIL likes bold colors, but she had a wedding a couple of years ago and got to do whatever she wanted. I feel this is my day.”

Following the news of the dress code, her mother-in-law then struggled to find a dress they both agreed on.

It took months, and her mother-in-law sobbed while calling her “heartless” and “vain.” In the end, she took her mother-in-law dress shopping along with her own mom and they picked something out for her.

If you think this is the end of the story and everything went alright from there, you’re wrong. When her mother-in-law got home and tried the dress on, she had a breakdown.

Viacheslav Lakobchuk –

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