Her Sister Is Mad She’s Not Inviting Her Best Friend To Her Wedding But The Thing Is This Girl Was Never Even Nice To Her

A 24-year-old bride-to-be is left wondering how to handle things after her sister got mad at her for not inviting her best friend to her wedding…

…But the thing is, this girl was never even nice to her throughout her entire life.

This bride-to-be is getting married in November, and she has not officially sent out the invites to her wedding yet.

Her sister decided to insist that her best friend receive one of those invites, and here’s what the bride-to-be had to say about the situation.

“My sister’s best friend was sort of part of the family growing up,” the bride-to-be explained.

“She was always around, spent a lot of time at our house, and they grew up together basically. They now live together.”

Her sister is currently dating a man, who is going to be her plus one for the wedding, but she’s demanding that her friend needs her own invite since she’s basically part of their family.

“But she’s not family to me. She was always a jerk to me,” the bride-to-be admitted. “She used to tease me about my hair which used to be a frizzy ball of mess, to the way I used to dress.”

Things hardly stopped there. Her sister’s best friend had the nerve to make comments about the relationship between her and her fiancé.

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