Mom Issues Heartbreaking Warning After Her Toddler Swallows A Button Battery And Dies

The doctors who took a look at Johnathan recommended he make an appointment with his regular pediatrician, and it was determined that he had an upset stomach along with a nosebleed, which had stopped at that point.

Johnathan then went right to see his pediatrician, who told Jackie to keep an eye on him and watch for any more bleeding. Johnathan was happy and looked stable.

The next day, Johnathan went back to his daycare and didn’t have any problems that day. When his dad AJ picked him up though at approximately 5:30 p.m., he appeared to be quite tired.

A few hours later, his parents took his temperature and were surprised to see it read 101.3. They gave him Tylenol to help and made another appointment with his pediatrician.

The following day, a Friday now, Johnathan still had a fever when he saw his pediatrician. He had chest x-rays done while he was there. The x-rays indicated he had bronchiolitis, which is congestion and inflammation of the lungs, usually brought on by some kind of virus.

The pediatrician sent Johnathan home, explaining that he should come right back on Monday if his fever didn’t go away.

Over the weekend, Johnathan continued to have a fever. He coughed small spots of blood, but then he stopped. When it happened again, Jackie knew she needed to bring him back to the hospital, even though they wouldn’t be able to do much for him.

Just as she had decided to do this, Johnathan’s lips started turning blue and he stopped being able to breathe. AJ rushed to start CPR on him. The ambulance got there and rushed Johnathan to the ER.

“He was pronounced in the ER. Autopsy showed a button battery in his intestines. It eroded through his esophagus and his aorta,” Jackie said in a Facebook post.

“We believe the battery came from a remote that we kept in a bucket up on the bar counter out of reach of our children.”

“We are guessing Johnathan somehow got this and ate it during the 20 minutes he was in our home before we left for daycare Wednesday morning. AJ and I wake the boys together and tag team getting them dressed and ready.”

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