After Her Friend Said Something Super Rude About Her Ring, She Decided To Uninvite Her From The Engagement Party

A 27-year-old woman recently got engaged to her boyfriend, who is 28-years-old. They have been together for 6 years, and her boyfriend makes very good money working in the tech industry.

Her boyfriend decided to spend a generous amount of his money on a thoughtful engagement ring for her that she considers absolutely perfect.

She knows this ring set him back a pretty penny, and though he would not reveal the precise amount he paid, he did mention to her that he spent north of $40,000 on it.

It’s a jaw-dropping amount to spend on a ring, but her boyfriend clearly wanted to spend it on her.

After her boyfriend proposed to her, she started planning an engagement party at a lake house. She planned on inviting the friends closest to her and her boyfriend.

All of her friends have already RSVPd as a yes, including one of her good friends she knows from work named Amy.

She’s been friends with Amy for 4 years now, but their relationship isn’t all that easy. Amy is a 25-year-old single mom who is not in the best place money-wise.

“Throughout the years, I have offered a lot of financial support to her such as paying for her meals and trips, paying for her daughter’s school trips and gifts, purchasing home goods for them, etc,” she explained.

She and Amy caught up for brunch not long ago, and Amy wasted no time in asking her how much her engagement ring cost.

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