Gorgeous 22-Year-Old Vanishes After Partying With A Much Older Man And Begging Her Best Friend For A Ride, Then 12 Days Later Her Phone Calls 911 From The Woods

Chicago, Illinois. Cheyann Klus was a gorgeous young woman living in the Chicago area of Illinois. She was upbeat and outgoing. She had a lot of friends and was very well-liked. She was very active on social media.

She was funny. She wanted a meaningful relationship. She wanted to be loved.

She disappeared into thin air back in 2017, and it’s sad to me that her case has really gotten little attention.

Not long before this 22-year-old vanished without a trace, she was going through a tough time and really struggling.

“I would do anything to hear your voice, mom I love you so much please don’t give up on us, your daughters, husband, sisters, brothers, grandchildren,” she posted, just days before her mom sadly passed away.

Facebook; pictured above, Cheyann shares a photo of her holding her mom’s hand

“You are so loved by everyone mom you’re my best friend, always have been and always will be. I don’t pray much until lately I was told the most beautiful soul is leaving us soon but was told too soon I’m asking for all the help as possible.”

Facebook; pictured above is a post from Cheyann remembering her mom

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