She Resigned As A Bridesmaid Just 1 Day Before Her Sister-In-Law’s Wedding

A woman says that she was supposed to be a bridesmaid at her sister-in-law’s wedding, but she resigned just one day before the wedding was set to take place, and she has a pretty good reason for what she ended up doing.

She has been together with her fiancé for 5 years now, and for the past 2 years, they have been engaged.

Prior to her having a relationship with her fiancé, his entire family was attempting to hook him up with this female friend that he had.

He actually doesn’t speak to this friend anymore because she did make some terrible comments about him and some of the friends that he has.

“Plus she was always trying to put me in my place since I started dating my fiancé, claiming she’ll always come first in his life,” she explained. “Long story short, stuff happened and they no longer talk.”

Anyway, thing woman does have a wonderful relationship with her fiancé’s family despite the fact that they previously tried to get him together with his former female friend.

The day before her fiancé’s sister was going to get married, her fiancé’s whole family got together for a lunch.

During lunch, her fiancé’s sister decided to talk about her fiancé’s former female friend.

“She started saying what a gorgeous girl she is and how pretty she is,” she said.

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