She Resigned As A Bridesmaid Just 1 Day Before Her Sister-In-Law’s Wedding

“My fiancé and I felt uncomfortable and my fiancé was pretty pissed because that ex-friend has caused a lot of damage in my fiancé’s life in the past so it was hurtful for him to hear his sister praising her like that but he stayed silent since he didn’t want to cause drama during the wedding period.”

Then, her sister-in-law mentioned it was a “shame” her fiancé didn’t get a chance to date his former female friend because he met her.

“The nail in the coffin was when my SIL said that it’s a shame my fiancé never got to date (female ex-friend) since I came along and took her place because she’d love to have her as a bridesmaid but because of me she can’t and she can’t even call her a sister because of me,” she continued.

Her mother-in-law then jumped in and tried to fix the situation by demanding that her fiancé’s sister apologize to her and suggesting it was some kind of joke.

Well, her fiancé’s sister insisted she was being completely serious about how she feels, before adding she wished that former friend was going to be marrying into their family instead.

“I kindly got up and excused myself, saying I’ll head home,” she wrote. “While I was gathering my stuff to leave I also said I’d withdraw as a bridesmaid since I’m not really the one she wanted there and that she should contact (ex-friend) while she still has time and I’ll give her my dress since we are the same size.”

She then left, and her fiancé left too. In the aftermath of all of this, her mother-in-law, father-in-law, and brother-in-law all understood why she left and they acknowledged that the bride was being crazy.

Her fiancé’s family did try to get her to change her mind about resigning as a bridesmaid, but she stuck to her decision and the wedding had to go on without her.

She did go to the wedding though, and her fiancé’s sister refused to speak to her.

Surprisingly, the groom did get where she was coming from, but he made it known that he thought she should have still been a bridesmaid.

How would you deal with this?

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