She Vanished 6 Years Ago Before Her Car Was Found With A Flat Tire And Now The FBI Has Found Multiple Items Of Interest In Her Case

Bardstown, Kentucky. It’s been six years, one month, and twenty-nine days exactly since 35-year-old Crystal Maria Rogers vanished from Bardstown, Kentucky.

Crystal was a wonderful mom to her five children and an incredible friend to those that were close to her.

Her loved ones say Crystal was a joy to be around and the type of person who would stop anything she was doing to help someone in need.

She was cheery, honest, and kindhearted. In Crystal’s life, her children came before everything else, and they knew how much she adored them.

The night of July 3rd, 2015 was the last time that anyone could verify Crystal’s whereabouts.

Crystal’s boyfriend Brooks Houck, whom she lived with and shared a child with, would later say that Crystal was at home with him.

She was actively engaged in some games on her cellphone that night, and when Brooks woke up the next morning, Crystal was no longer there in their home.

Initially, Brooks wasn’t upset by this, since Crystal did like to sleepover at the houses of her closest female friends so it seemed to him that’s where she had gone.

FBI; pictured above is Crystal

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