She’s Being Accused Of Ruining Her Friend’s Engagement Dinner When All She Was Trying To Do Was Stick Up For Her

A woman says her friend Sarah recently invited her and her boyfriend to a special dinner she had planned to announce her engagement.

Sarah invited her and the rest of her very close friends, along with their significant others as well.

That evening, Sarah got up and told everyone that she was engaged, and all of her friends were eager to congratulate her.

The dinner was a fun time for everyone invited, but then one of Sarah’s friends made another announcement.

Sarah’s friend N told everyone at the table that she was pregnant, and everyone’s focus shifted from Sarah to N immediately.

Sarah and her fiancé clearly appeared upset after N made her own announcement, and this friend quickly asked Sarah if this was part of the plan.

Sarah replied that this was not how she envisioned the evening going, and Sarah mentioned that she did not give N permission to make that announcement.

Sarah tried to downplay things, but her friend was not about to let things slide, so here’s what she did.

“I get N’s attention loudly and everyone looks at me,” she explained. “I said, “You weren’t given permission to announce your pregnancy here.”

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