She’s Taking Her 12-Year-Old Sister On Her Honeymoon With Her And Now Her Parents Are Threatening To Not Come To Her Wedding

“My parents came over last weekend and the first thing my sister told them was that she’s coming to Hawaii with us.”

“My parents asked why and I said we couldn’t find anyone to take care of her because of how complex her needs are so we decided to take her with us.”

Her parents then tried to say that they could babysit her, but she knew they couldn’t handle it at all because they are vocal about not being able to.

On top of that, they don’t pay attention to her sensory problems, and although they like being around her that always comes to an end after only an hour in her company.

“I told them why we declined and my mom started yelling at me for “making them out to be bad parents” (they also refuse to admit that we’re her parents and hates when she calls them grandma and grandpa),” she continued.

Now, her parents are telling her that they will not be in attendance at her wedding over this, and she’s left wondering if she is somehow in the wrong for wanting to do what is best for her baby sister.

You can read the original post on Reddit here.

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