They Thought Their Son Had Autism But Then They Found Out He Has A Brain Disorder That Will Only Get Worse

Dallas, Texas. Connor Dobbyn recently celebrated his 13th birthday this summer. Many boys Connor’s age wish for video games or skateboards as birthday presents, but as Connor blew out the candles on his birthday cake, he made a very different wish than other boys his age.

“His birthday wish is to live,” Connor’s parents Michael and Marisa wrote on a Facebook page created for him.

Several years ago, Connor started having a hard time keeping up in school, so his parents began searching for answers as to why this was so suddenly happening to their little boy.

After meeting with specialists and doctors, Michael and Marisa were informed that he had autism, which made their hearts sink.

Unfortunately, this diagnosis was not correct, and when Connor was properly diagnosed, it would turn out to be far worse than what his parents initially thought was wrong.

Facebook; pictured above is Connor with his mom Marisa as they celebrate his 13th birthday

Not too long ago, Connor was diagnosed with something called Sanfilippo Syndrome Type C.

Sanfilippo Syndrome Type C is a brain disorder that progressively gets worse. It happens because of a missing enzyme, and it’s a heartbreaking disease for a child to suffer from.

“It’s the worst disease you’ve never heard of,” Michael and Marisa explained on their Facebook page created to raise awareness for the terrible disease that Connor is now fighting.

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