2 Surfers Found Her Dead But Was She Murdered, Or Was She Killed By A Great White Shark? Inside The Bewildering Case Of Michelle Von Emster

San Diego, California. Michelle Von Emster was just 25-years-old when she died under very strange circumstances after surviving several years of battling leukemia. Michelle loved living so close to the ocean, and she loved spending time at the beach. She was also particularly fond of cats.

On April 15th, 1994, a Friday, two surfers were walking along the beach in Sunset Cliffs, a neighborhood in San Diego, California.

Sunset Cliffs also has a national park element to it, full of sea caves, coastal arches, and perfect places to watch the sun as it rises or sets.

It’s easy to see why tourists and those looking to tie the knot frequent the area.

Aside from the sheer and steep cliffs you have to take care walking near, Sunset Cliffs is, by all means, a safe place when it comes to the crime rate.

So when these two surfers spotted something in the kelp beds along the shore, they couldn’t believe what they were looking at.

FindAGrave; Michelle is pictured above

They got closer, wondering what was floating there in the shallow waters that some seagulls seemed excited about.

They were completely shocked to realize it was a young woman, lying face down, and she had no clothes on.

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