50 Years Ago This Teen Was Found Dead In The Trunk Of An Abandoned Car And Her Killer Has Finally Been Named After 5 Long Decades

Cedar Rapids, Iowa. It was the summer of 1971, and 17-year old Maureen Brubaker-Farley had just made the move to Cedar Rapids.

She did not know many people who lived there, but she had decided to move to be near David Farley, who was her husband.

David had been sentenced to a brief amount of time, and Cedar Rapids was the nearest place to where he was serving out his sentence, so, Maureen moved there alone.

Maureen was able to find herself an apartment located at 522 10th St SE, and then she got a job at a diner.

Facebook; pictured above is Maureen

“Maureen was a ball of fire and lived fast,” her younger sister Lisa wrote on a Facebook page dedicated to remembering her.

“I’ve heard over and over from many how she was liked by everyone; perhaps by one just a little too much that she was killed.”

Maureen had not been a resident of Cedar Rapids for very long before she went missing on September 17th, 1971.

Three days after Maureen had last been seen, the diner where she worked reached out to the police.

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