Attacks On Nurses Have Tripled At This Hospital, So They’re Getting Panic Buttons

Branson, Missouri. Since 2020 hit us all like a ton of bricks, it’s never been more difficult and trying to be a health care worker.

One problem, in particular, that has plagued health care workers is staying safe, and one hospital in Missouri recently got a six-figure grant to help protect their nurses…

…After attacks on them tripled over the last year.

The Cox Medical Center located in Branson, Missouri shared in a recent Facebook post that they have purchased panic buttons for their nurses and health care workers who are part of their inpatient and ER teams.

The Cox Medical Center has mentioned that the violence against their health care workers has mostly been a result of the pandemic.

They even provided the numbers behind the horrifying increase in attacks from 2019 to 2020.

“Total events increased 94 to 162; total assaults 40 to 123; total injuries 17 to 78; and assaults leading to injury increased from 42.5% to 63%,” the Cox Medical Center continued.

Cox Medical Center; pictured above a nurse holds up the new panic button the hospital is giving to their health care workers

The panic buttons that the hospital has implemented will be given to 300 to 400 of their health care workers, and if the button is pressed, it will activate a tracking system.

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