Her Killer Removed Her Clothes And Washed Her Body Before Dumping Her But 41 Years Later, Nobody Knows Who She Was

Henderson, Nevada. It was on a dirt road just south of Route 146 in Henderson that two brothers made a frightening discovery more than four decades ago.

On October 5th, 1980 at around 9:20 that night, these brothers came across a young woman who was lying there in the dirt, and her life had only been taken from her hours before they found her.

The only thing she was wearing at the time she was found was bright silvery nail polish, and her nails had been cut short, seemingly from a recent manicure.

Her killer had removed all of her clothes and washed her at another location before leaving her behind on the roadside, and a section of an orangey-yellow shower curtain was seen not far from her body.

Although 41 years have since gone by, nobody knows who she was.

National Center For Missing & Exploited Children; pictured above is a reconstruction of this young woman

This young woman was estimated to be as young as 17-years-old and as old as 19. She weighed 103 pounds. She stood 5 feet and 2 inches tall.

Her eyes were blue, and her hair was light brown, which fell around her shoulders. Her ears had been pierced, but she was not wearing earrings.

She had a small scar that ran over the bicep of her left arm, from a vaccine she had gotten at some point, and she had a birthmark that sat at her lower back, close to her left side.

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