She Was Kidnapped While Sunbathing On A Beach 26 Years Ago And Someone Witnessed The Whole Thing

Clay, Kentucky. It was August 26th, 1995, and 23-year-old Heather Teague decided to head over to Newburgh Beach in Kentucky, which wasn’t far from her home in Clay.

She set up her lounge chair and sat back to relax while sunbathing in her red plaid bathing suit.

In the early hours of that afternoon, a man was sitting on the opposite side of the shore that Heather was on.

He was watching the beach, and he witnessed something horrific happen to Heather as he looked through his telescope.

Facebook; Heather is pictured above

The man with the telescope would later tell authorities that he witnessed a shirtless bearded man dressed in a mosquito net, a wig, and jeans come up to Heather.

He was around 6 feet tall and weighed approximately 210 or 230 pounds.

All of a sudden, the wig-wearing man held a gun to Heather’s head and yanked her off her chair by her hair.

He then dragged her off into the woods that sit right behind the beach.

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