Mom Of 3 Diagnosed With 2 Different Kinds Of Breast Cancer

“Finally, she saw an orthopedic doctor who ordered an MRI once she had trouble walking for a few months,” Andre said.

“The doctor did not expect to see anything because her range of motion was perfect, but she practically collapsed when the results came back.”

Jenna’s breast cancer had spread throughout her body, and that’s what came back on the MRI results.

“They performed a biopsy of her right hip bone to determine which of the two breast cancers had spread,” Andre continued.

“In 2019, Jenna was diagnosed with two types of breast cancer, and these cancers are each treated differently, so this information will help create a treatment plan.”

Tumors have spread to Jenna’s pelvis, her hip on her right side, and her spine, which makes it extraordinarily difficult for her to walk or move.

“Stage 4 breast cancer is incurable and is, essentially, terminal,” Andre wrote.

“However, with the proper treatment, nutrition, and focus on her overall health, Jenna could have years to spend raising her boys, who are now 10 (almost 11!) 8 and 5, if she can take care of herself exceptionally well.”

“Raising these boys is what Jenna wants more than anything – to be HERE and to be a mother for her boys in these crucial years of their childhoods. It is what she has lived for and what she hopes to keep living for as long as possible.”

If you would like to donate to the GoFundMe Andre set up to help Jenna battle cancer, you can do that here.

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