She Moved To California For College, Then Disappeared Last Fall After Being Seen On The Golden Gate Bridge One Morning

She also enjoyed taking photos on the bridge, or sometimes she would simply stop to soak in the beautiful scenery.

When Sydney went missing, she had been wearing dark-colored leggings, a teal hoodie, and Vans slip-ons with a tropical greenish-blue pattern.

FindSydneyWest; pictured above Sydney wears a purple dress

Her hair was swept up into a bun, and she most likely had a black backpack with her, which was later found close to the bridge, but her phone was never recovered, and she had it with her that day.

One day after Sydney was spotted on the bridge, her family reported her as missing on October 1st when her dad couldn’t get a hold of her.

The day before Sydney disappeared she spoke to her dad that night for some time on the phone, and she had promised to talk to him the following day.

Sydney never called him on September 30th, and so, he tried again and again to call her but she never picked up. It was then that her family reached out to the authorities.

Instagram; pictured above is Sydney in front of the Golden Gate Bridge

Now, there are cameras all over the Golden Gate Bridge, and authorities poured over the footage, but with disappointing results.

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