She Was Sent Home In An Uber After Her Date Said Her Outfit Would “Embarrass Him”

TikToker @Nikki.Jabs spent forty minutes doing her makeup and was on her way to meet her date’s coworkers at a retail grand opening.

It was supposed to be a great night until he sent her home in an Uber because of her outfit.

“He said he was too embarrassed to be seen with me in this outfit, so he sent me home and went to the opening without me,” Jabs wrote on a TikTok video that showed her outfit.

The video quickly went viral, gaining over eight million views and over six hundred thousand likes.

In a follow-up video, Jabs is seen crying over the night’s events while “All Too Well” by Taylor Swift plays in the background.

“I’m just so sad because I spent so much time trying to look pretty and he sent me home in an Uber. Who does that!” Jabs vented.

The next scene is Jabs trying to pull herself together and reassure herself that she would be fine. All of her clothes were strewn across her van’s floor since she had been living in his house for the past three weeks.

In the original video, Jabs is seen wearing salmon pants, a black long sleeve top, and a hot pink trench coat.

TikTok; pictured above is a screenshot of the outfit @Nikki.Jabs was wearing for her date

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