She Got Fired As The Maid Of Honor And She Also Got Her Husband Kicked Out Of The Bridal Party Weeks Before The Wedding Over The Bachelor Party They Both Planned

A woman was supposed to play the role of maid of honor at her brother’s upcoming wedding, and her husband was included in the bridal party too; he was supposed to be the best man.

That was…until they both got fired from their positions.

Given the fact that she and her husband started out as the maid of honor and the best man, their jobs were to help plan bachelor and bachelorette parties.

As she was helping to plan both of these, she let it slip to the bride-to-be (her brother’s fiancée) that she had explained to her husband that he needed to bring the groom to a club that has dancers of the pole variety for the bachelor party.

“The bride said no, that’s not gonna happen because both she and the groom don’t want that tradition on their wedding celebrations,” she recalled about the conversation she had with her brother’s fiancée.

“I called her silly but said I will see what I can do.”

“For the bachelorette, I arranged to go to a live music restaurant with the bride and her friends. My husband and I agreed that the original plan of taking the groom to a…club is still on.

The plan was originally for her brother and his friends to have drinks out somewhere, then “surprise” her brother with going to the actual club, or hiring dancers to be his entertainment somewhere else.

In the end, she and her husband ended up hiring two dancers to entertain the guys back at their own house for the bachelor party.

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