These Friends Are Asking The Community To Help Revive Their Beloved And Award-Winning LA Restaurant

Los Angeles, California. If you live in LA, or even if you don’t, chances are good you may have heard of a restaurant called Here’s Looking At You.

Founded by two friends, Lien Ta and Jonathan Whitener, the restaurant first opened back in the summer of 2016.

It’s wasn’t long until Lien and Jonathan were raking in the awards for their restaurant tucked on a corner in Koreatown.

Just months after officially opening their doors, Here’s Looking At You was awarded “Best Restaurant of the Year” by Food & Wine Magazine, along with “Best Cocktail Bar in America.”

Things didn’t stop there though; Lien and Jonathan continued to rack up the accolades on their beloved local restaurant until things came to a screeching halt amid the pandemic.

Instagram; pictured above are Lien and Jonathan, the owners of Here’s Looking At You

It was March of last year that Lien and Jonathan had to shut down Here’s Looking At You over a power outage.

They managed to return for a few weeks over the summer, six weeks to be exact, before they were forced to close their doors on July 12th.

That day in July should have been a day for them to celebrate 4 years of being open, and instead, it was a crushing day.

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