Her Best Friend Told Her If She Doesn’t Change Her Hair Color She Can’t Be The Maid Of Honor And The Wedding Is In A Few Days

A woman has a best friend who is getting married in a matter of days, and she was invited to be the maid of honor.

Currently, her hair is dyed a dark emerald-colored green, and she did that at the beginning of last year.

Her best friend saw it right after she got it dyed, and her best friend was in love with it at the time.

Since then, she has made it clear to her best friend that she wants to keep her hair that emerald green color, especially since the place where she works now is completely ok with the unique color.

In October of last year, her best friend became engaged and immediately asked her to be her maid of honor.

She agreed.

“This Saturday she’s getting married finally and I told her weeks ago that I’m going to touch up my hair days before the wedding, keeping to my green color,” she explained.

“She suddenly messages me, asking me for a picture of it for her approval because she “didn’t want anyone to be too surprised by anything out of the ordinary at the wedding”. I found that odd since she’s having a nightmare before Christmas kind of wedding.”

She send the picture to her best friend, who replied back that she needed to change the color of her hair.

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