She Was Beaten To Death Outside Of A Local Laundromat 45 Years Ago And The Question Of Who Did This To Her Still Remains

Lewiston, Maine. In the fall of 1976, 27-year-old Dorothy Milliken was living in Lewiston along with her husband and their three young children.

Everyone called her Dottie instead of Dorothy, and she was extremely passionate about her loved ones.

On November 5th, 1976, Dottie made her way down to the nearby laundromat called Beal’s, which sat at 969 Lisbon Street, so she could do laundry for her family.

“Dorothy usually did her laundry in the mornings along with her daughter Tonia but on Friday, November 5, 1976, she decided to do her laundry at night as she was preparing to return to work that Monday from maternity leave,” the Maine State Police explained in a press release.

“Dorothy left her home around 11 p.m. Friday night after her husband went to bed. Dorothy’s body was discovered by a newspaper delivery person the following morning.”

It was 4:40 in the morning when Dottie was found, and an autopsy report later determined her death was due to blunt force trauma to her head.

Maine State Police; pictured above is Dottie

Michael Chavez is currently the lead detective on Dottie’s case, and he took it over back in 2012.

Though Michael still isn’t sure who did this to Dottie or why, he is confident that the answers lay somewhere in the binders that contain all of the files on Dottie’s case.

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