This World Champion Cheerleader Suffered A Life Altering Spinal Injury: Now, She Is Inspiring Countless People With Her Journey To Recovery

Immediately after the accident, Makayla underwent surgery. The procedure’s outcome was better than expected, but Makayla’s prognosis was still not what she and her family had hoped.

“The injury is just too severe. The chances of Makayla walking again, medically speaking, are very slim,” Jenn wrote on Facebook, “Please continue to pray for a miracle in Mak’s life.”

Since then, Jenn has continued to spread Makayla’s story and her overriding positivity despite the situation.

The Noble family has also requested prayers for strength and recovery from the community.

On Makayla’s website, the Noble family shares how the community can show their support. You can purchase Mak’s Warriors gear, send words of encouragement, support the Noble family with a gift, and more.

A GoFundMe has also been created in Makayla’s honor in order to help support the family through this trying time.

“Please show your love and support for the Noble family with a contribution of any amount,” wrote Tiffany Smith, who organized the fundraiser.

With a goal of two hundred and fifty thousand dollars, the community has so far donated just under two hundred thousand.

People from the greater Texas area as well as from around the country have become captivated by Makayla’s courage, strength, and ability to stay positive.

“Sending prayers for a full recovery from Lubbock, Texas. Love your faith and spirit; stay strong. You got this,” wrote Channa Jones, who donated twenty dollars.

As of October 17th, Makayla posted a massive announcement– she regained full feeling in her legs.

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