Her Brother’s Boyfriend Accused Her Of Bullying Her In High School But She Has Absolutely No Idea What She’s Talking About

Her brother told the woman to text him an apology. Then, he planned to show Jess the text message himself.

But, the woman still could not remember what she did, so the apology may have come out less meaningful.

“I sent a generic apology text because I don’t know what I actually did. I could only assume I was an ass to Jess at some point,” the woman explained, “Jack called me out on it being generic and said I needed to be specific. I told him that I didn’t remember Jess, so if she wants a specific apology, she needs to tell me what I am apologizing for.”

That was when the allegations became very intense. Jess claimed that the woman stole her boyfriend, caused an eating disorder, and stopped her from going to her “dream university.”

The woman still did not understand any of these allegations and tried to explain her perspective.

“The guy Jess claims to have been dating at the time was a liar who told people we hooked up when we didn’t. As for the eating disorder, I was a bitch, but I would never encourage someone to develop an eating disorder,” the woman said.

She actually had an eating disorder herself and did not want to make anyone feel “as bad about their body when I felt like shit about mine.”

And, in regards to the exam, Jess claimed that the woman caused her to fail one test. Apparently, that one test kept her from getting accepted into her top university. The woman still cannot recall any situation involving a test.

“But, the bottom line is that she believes that I am personally responsible for all of this. Jack said that where she’s at in life now is all down to me bullying her,” the woman said.

“I actually feel like I remember less with every new piece of information she gives me because it just seems…off.”

The woman admits to possibly being in denial and needing to take a hard look in the mirror. But, she also needs to come up with a sincere apology in time for Christmas. If she doesn’t, she cannot attend her family’s celebration.

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