She Lied To Her Boss About Being Engaged And Now She’s Not Sure If She Should Own Up To Her Lie

A 23-year-old woman recently told her boss she was engaged…but she’s definitely not.

It barely felt like a lie at the time; she has been with her boyfriend for three years, and they are planning their futures together.

However, almost two of those years were long-distance, and she just moved to the state he’s working in for her new job. Plus, she’s only just getting out of college. 

She clarifies that she isn’t a liar and hadn’t even thought of the word fiancee associated with her boyfriend before that split-second interaction with her boss.

And the only ring she had on was a promise ring he’d bought her while they were still long-distance. But she connects back to a moment a few weeks earlier; she and her boyfriend were drunk and walking around town and decided to go to a jewelry store just for fun.

She ended up trying on engagement rings but never considered a wedding in the near future. But when an email from the jewelry store popped up on her boyfriend’s computer, it seemed to have gotten her wedding gears turning—cue lying to her boss about an engagement.

Now, her question is whether or not to tell her boss the truth. She’s of two minds on this; “Should I just keep quiet, keep my promise ring on and not address the topic? I don’t talk about my relationship a lot at work and I am in a relatively independent role at my new job so it is not like it is going to be a lunch break convo. “

Is withholding information lying? Can she answer questions about the imaginary wedding and stay on track at work? 

The good thing is her boyfriend doesn’t mind the lie—he even jokes with her about picking “flowers or the band.”

When we get into sticky situations, we’re lucky to have loved ones by our side to make them less painful. Or, in some cases, funnier.

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