Last Christmas She Splurged On A Pair Of Expensive Boots For Herself But Then She Let Her Friend Borrow Them And They Wound Up Ruined

A 22-year-old woman splurged on a pair of expensive boots for herself last Christmas. She spent $550 on the boots, which are made of cowhide, and since then, she wore them approximately 5 times.

Every time she wore her boots, she made sure to take really good care of them. The boots are very special to her because she never treats herself like this.

Her 24-year-old friend named Rylee knew about her boots and wanted to wear them out to an event.

She agreed to loan her boots to Rylee since they frequently share clothes and Rylee has never given her a reason to not trust that she’ll care for her things.

“She has always respected my clothing and I have always done the same to her,” she explained.

“When Rylee asked to borrow the boots, the standard was set that they were very important, she was aware of the price I paid and promised to take especially good care of them.”

“No wearing them in rain (because they’re made of cowhide) etc. She made me feel very comfortable in letting her borrow these boots.”

After the event Rylee attended was done, she reached out to her several times asking for her boots to be returned to her.

Rylee kept creating excuses as to why she couldn’t return her boots, and she began to get annoyed with Rylee over this.


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