Last Christmas She Splurged On A Pair Of Expensive Boots For Herself But Then She Let Her Friend Borrow Them And They Wound Up Ruined

Rylee replied back with pretending to not be aware that she wanted her boots back, despite the fact that she asked Rylee for them several times leading up to the holidays.

Rylee came up with a solution to take her boots somewhere to be repaired, but she contacted the brand who made her boots to see what they suggested.

The brand told her that she had two options; a cobbler could attempt to dye the scuffed spot in an effort to make the damage less noticeable, or she could ask a cobbler to try to match the cowhide and replace the spot.

The brand did mention that she probably wouldn’t be happy with either option, so she’s got no choice but to live with ruined boots.

She’s now wondering if she should let Rylee keep her ruined boots, but ask her to buy her new ones to the tune of $550, or if she should just suck up one of the repair options and deal with the fact that Rylee destroyed them on her.

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