Last Night, Her Family’s Dog Attacked Her While She Was On The Couch Watching TV And She Urgently Needs Reconstructive Surgery

Glen Ellyn, Illinois. Last night, a young woman named Cameron Evans was home for the holidays, watching TV along with her family.

Cameron was sitting on the couch and tried to cuddle her family’s dog when the dog turned on her and attacked.

Her family’s dog bit right through her left cheek and her lip. The dog also caused other injuries to Cameron’s hands and face.

“I was able to get haphazardly stitched up in the ER but I am following up with a facial plastic surgeon as there is a risk of significant scarring and deformity,” Cameron wrote on a GoFundMe.

“Unfortunately, after checking with insurance, I’ve learned that the ER visit and any reconstructive surgeries will not be covered because this is all happening out-of-state and it’s imperative that I see a reconstructive surgeon as soon as possible (also to prevent infection).”

Cameron believes her medical bills will be upwards of $8,500, which she has to entirely pay for out of pocket.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Cameron

“The good news is that I’m OK and it could have been worse,” Cameron said.

“The bad is that I’m also coping with the heartbreaking reality that we are going to have to put my dog down.”

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