She Broke Up With Her Ex 2 Years Ago And She Cannot Get Over The Guy

A 20-year-old woman was dating a guy one year older than her, but she broke up with him 2 years ago.

Although it’s been years since they were together, she simply cannot get over the guy.

“He was my best friend since 13 and he was the perfect boyfriend, he was a gentleman and my whole family loved him,” she explained.

“But I…went into a state where I just pushed everyone away and highly regret it. I couldn’t even tell him in person why I wanted to break up and I still cannot get out of my head the way he looked at me the last times we saw each other.”

They go to the same college, and lately, she’s been seeing him on campus pretty frequently. Every time she does see him, she gets incredibly nervous and it feels to her like it did in the beginning when she was crushing on him back in high school.

“I sent him an apology message and said happy birthday, and I know I shouldn’t have because of how selfish it is, but it was also weighing heavily on my conscious and I really do want him to know how special he was,” she said.

“I got extremely happy when he responded, he said thanks and wished me the best and I did the same.”

Her ex did reveal to her that his dad passed away, so she felt awful for sending him that message when he was going through a bad time, but after getting to speak to him a bit, she can’t stop thinking about him.

She’s tried her hardest to push away all of the feelings that she had for her ex, but they’re all flooding her and she’s getting depressed over it.

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