She Was Watching A TikTok Video Rating Finance Bro Dating Profiles And That’s How She Found Out Her Boyfriend Was Cheating On Her: He Even Put Up Photos With Her In Them

New York, New York. A young woman met someone while she was on vacation one summer, and they really hit it off.

She hung out with him for her whole vacation, and she thinks she fell in love with him as soon as she saw him.

“Everything was so magical,” she explained. “He was living in Florida for the summer and moving to NYC for his first Wall Street job (a man on Wall Street cheating on his girlfriend, shocker right?) up until then, we spent the first three months of our relationship back forth between Florida and Missouri every single week.”

“We were constantly catching planes to spend every second together we could before he moved to New York.”

Her boyfriend ended up moving to New York City this past September, and she hopped a plane to see him every other week.

Around a month after her boyfriend moved, he revealed to her that he was doubting their relationship and feeling bad because his job was consuming everything he had and he felt he could no longer give her a lot of attention.

She was understandably upset but understood where he was coming from and figured this meant their relationship was coming to an end.

She even told him that she was completely ok with him meeting new people and getting out in New York City; she just wanted him to let her know if that’s really where he was coming from with all this.

“12 hours later he sent me a very long text saying that he didn’t care about the distance, he knew I was his life partner and he wanted to be with me for the rest of his life,” she said.

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