He’s About To Propose To His Girlfriend And After He Told Their Friends In Front Of Her That He Wants A Prenup, She Got Very Upset

A 26-year-old man has been with his 25-year-old girlfriend named Rachel for 2 years now.

Their relationship is becoming increasingly serious; they live with one another and have talked a lot about how their life will look like together.

He even went out and bought an engagement ring a few weeks ago, and he just asked Rachel’s dad for permission to propose (Rachel’s dad said yes).

He and Rachel are very close to a few of their friends, which includes friends from college, Rachel’s cousin and sister, and their partners.

He and Rachel hang out with their friends quite frequently, where they will watch football and do game nights.

Last Sunday, he and Rachel invited their friends to their place to grill and watch football. That afternoon, the topic of celebrity relationships came up.

“Rachel’s brother-in-law brought up that a lot of them have prenups which probably makes the divorces go a lot smoother,” he explained.

“Rachel then said “I would never sign a prenup, that would be so embarrassing”. I then said, “we’ll that’s unfortunate because I want one”. Everyone laughed along with Rachel, and I didn’t and gave sort of a look.”

“Rachel then asked if I was being serious and I said that I was. I could immediately tell she was upset, she asked why I never said anything before. I said because we weren’t engaged.”

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