The Day After Christmas, She Learned That Her Husband Had Several Affairs And Now Has Two Children She Never Knew About With A Third On The Way

A 33-year-old woman has been married to her 36-year-old husband for 8 years. Early on in their relationship, they discussed the fact that they both do not want to have children.

Not long after that, she discovered that she was unable to carry her own children, and from there, she and her husband spoke up potentially going the route of surrogacy or adoption.

In the end, they both figured that they were comfortable not having children as they had originally discussed, and that was the end of that…or so, she thought.

She recently found out that her husband has two children from several affairs he has had without her even knowing, and he’s now expecting child number three with one of these other women.

“My husband works in the medical field, his job requires a lot of long hours, overnight shifts, and travel, especially the last two years,” she explained.

“This is why I did not notice him carrying on multiple affairs behind my back, which resulted in two children with two different women and another child on the way.”

“I found this out because the parent of the pregnant woman contacted me since their daughter is 19 and still lives with them (though he insists she told him she was 24, and that her university apartment was hers).”

To add insult to injury, she also discovered that her husband has a secret bank account, and he’s been giving his affair partners money.

She cannot believe the lies her husband has been telling, and she also cannot believe the great lengths he went to in order to deceive her.

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