A Dog Chewed This Pet Pig’s Leg Off Then His Owners Dumped Him Outside In The Cold On A Wet Blanket

Othello, Washington. Buttons is an adorable pig who recently wound up at the Adams County Pet Rescue located in Othello, Washington, after suffering from abuse at the hands of his previous owners.

He was recently rescued from a backyard, where he had been dumped outside in the cold after having his lower right leg chewed off by a dog.

“He was in a wire crate in a yard with a wet towel covering it and he was laying on a wet blanket,” Erin E Zamzow wrote about Buttons on a GoFundMe page.

“A woman was dropping off a friend and heard Buttons squealing so she went to the crate to investigate.”

“She found Buttons with a stump of a leg that hadn’t been treated. She was told that the people’s dog had chewed Buttons leg off, leaving him with part of a leg.”

“Buttons was never taken to a vet or treated for his pain and infection. The woman called ACPR and they took him in to get initial veterinary care done.”

This sweet pig was diagnosed with a bone infection on the part of his leg that had been lost to the dog, and Erin took him home with her to help him heal.

Erin has been providing Buttons with the medical care he desperately needs, and she makes sure to put a baby or dog shirt on him every day before he goes outside to help to protect his bad leg.

GoFundMe; pictured above is Buttons

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