This Man Had Been Trying To Escape The Lasting Impacts Of His Childhood Abuse But Now, His Ex-Wife Has Befriended His Abuser

This caused him so much pain and upset all over again. So, he– yet again– tried to explain his childhood to his ex. Still, it did not work.

“Despite everything I told her, my ex-wife has told me that she values her relationship with my father, and I have no right to demand she stops,” he said. The man gave his ex an ultimatum– him or his father. She disgracefully chose his father, and he is left wondering why.

“It’s difficult for me to understand why my ex-wife has chosen my father over me, as he is an abuser who destroyed my life… However, my father is more charismatic than me. He loves to talk about himself, and people love to listen. I, on the other hand, have no real friends and never have,” he reasoned.

The man had planned to spend this Christmas with his ex-wife and baby again. He has since told her that he is no longer going but is still torn up inside. He cannot imagine never seeing the baby again.

“It makes me desperately sad, but I don’t feel I have any choice given that she wants to continue to be friends with my father,” the man explained. Now, he is wondering if he made the right decision.

How would you navigate this painful situation? Do you think the man made the right decision?

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