This Man Had Been Trying To Escape The Lasting Impacts Of His Childhood Abuse But Now, His Ex-Wife Has Befriended His Abuser

After dating for just a year, the couple got married.

For the next ten years of this man’s life, he developed a “modestly successful” law career while married. During their marriage, the man decided to cut all contact with his father. He was “determined to leave the past behind, allow childhood wounds to heal and start fresh.”

The couple’s marriage was not all sunshine and rainbows, though. The man’s wife was kind to him but very rarely intimate.

“She would never hold me unless I held her first. She would never tell me she loved me unless I asked,” the man recalled. His wife knew about the trauma he had suffered yet still withheld love for some reason.

However, what really upset the man the most was when they would fight. Instead of communicating what upset her, his wife would simply compare him to his father.

“This caused me an incredible amount of pain, and I would tell her this. I did not beat her, threaten her, flirt with other women, or humiliate her in public,” he said, “She would agree that I was nothing like my father, but subsequently continued to compare me to him just because she knew it would hurt me.”

Their issues were unable to be resolved, and they ended up divorcing a few years ago. The man’s now ex-wife went on to have a baby boy using a sperm donor.

“Despite our separation, we still kept in touch. Last Christmas, she invited me to spend Christmas with the baby and her. I bonded with the baby and have returned several times to spend time with my ex-wife and the baby,” he said.

The man formed a close connection with his ex’s son. They would play and laugh; tell each other, “I love you.”

The man felt like no one had ever treated him as this baby did. So, he believed it was only natural for him to care so much about the baby, too.

Everything was going fine until the man found out that his ex-wife had been communicating with his father. She even took her son to see him.

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